Anna Schabold

Boldly Go Yoga & Bodywork

The journey to being radically yourself starts with one deep breath.


It is my intention to help you feel more at ease on your yoga mat.  It doesn't matter how much you know about the poses, how inflexible or weak you think you are, how uncomfortable you feel about the way your body looks.  I believe that yoga is for every body, and I would love to share the tools I've learned on my mat with you.

I will meet you exactly where you are.  First you'll learn how to take a deep breath, then another. By tuning into your breath, you'll become more connected with your Self.  Get to know your strengths, challenges, inner wisdom, and discover how they can lead you towards who you most want to become.  It's not really about learning how to do a handstand (although we can work on that, too) it's about practicing feeling and paying attention, so you'll create more intelligence in your body, while you build emotional resilience. Learn how to become strong and open, so that you can move through life's experiences with more ease. 

My vision is to help you live boldly, connected to your spirit and comfortable in your own skin.