Structural Integration Therapy

 What is it?

Structural Integration Therapy is a type of bodywork that works to lengthen, stretch, soften, and re-organize soft tissue to restore postural balance, ease of movement, and a feeling of being more at home in your body. Based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, it is designed to align and integrate the body in gravity.

The Ten Series

Classically, this work is practiced in a series ten guided bodywork sessions (The Ten Series). The Ten systematically unwinds the body’s tension, as each session builds on the one before it. As you move through the Series, your body unravels habitual stress and unacknowledged compensations, revealing more graceful, effortless movement, balance, and alignment. Through ten 90-minute sessions, we will build awareness and gain information about your body’s various systems and layers, leading you towards a more articulated and integrated whole.

This work is for you if you are:

  • Curious about deepening  your relationship to your physical body

  • Developing your capacity to feel and regulate your emotional and physical responses to this experience called Life

  • Interested in increasing your enjoyment of your body while improving its functionality

  • Curious how to support and soothe your nervous system 

  • Open to your body teaching you new ways of inhabiting space and experiencing movement

What to expect: 

The Ten Series goes in-depth and features more interaction between practitioner and client, both communicating, feeling, and breathing together to do the work of the session. The Ten Series is done with a client wearing undergarments/loose fitting shorts. Each session begins with a physical assessment of your body standing, moving, and sitting to discern how you work to hold your body in gravity, and be able to track change. We'll also discuss where you feel tension or pain, any injuries or ailments, and collaborate on how to apply this work to your own personal needs.

The work is deep but should not be painful. Particularly stuck tissue can be momentarily uncomfortable, but we will work at a pace and a pressure that your body is willing to accept, so you can receive the information of the touch and change may occur.

It is my deep desire to guide you on this journey to remember and witness how strong and beautiful your body is, no matter its challenges and where you are at in this moment. Leave each session feeling taller, lighter, more aware, more emotionally intelligent, and imbued with a renewed sense of being vibrantly alive.

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