Anna Schabold

Boldly Go Yoga & Bodywork

The journey to being radically yourself starts with one deep breath.

I aspire to share with you the tools to break free of self-imposed boundaries. All those ways in which habitual thought patterns, past experiences and conditioning may be holding you back and talking you out of experiencing joy.  I want to help you move past “can’t” and “should”.  Instead, let's get to know better how feeling our emotions, listening to our intuition, and correlating our physical sensations can uncover our deeper truth and a more meaningful path.

I find great joy in witnessing others discover that they can do something they never thought possible, the pleasure and the power they feel in that discovery!  Teaching for me is a never-ending opportunity to continue learning as I share in my students’ journeys, each breath one step closer to a breakthrough.  Guided by the idea that what I teach is really what I need to learn for myself, my time on the mat with you is a way to continue my own path towards who I most want to become – someone who creates more love, laughter and consciousness in the world.

Forrest Yoga helped me realize that I deserve to live in a way that delights and inspires me.  Before this realization, I was highly skilled at making myself small, following the rules and going through the motions of what seemed to be expected of me.  Instead of feeling accomplished and winning at life with my wonderful relationships and $40K job downtown, I felt lost and anxious.  I wasn't able to trust my own judgment, always seeking answers from others’ opinions and worrying about what everyone would think of me.  An excellent people-pleaser, my decisions were often based on how to best serve those around me rather than myself. 

Slowly rising to the surface during my Yoga practice was a sense that I am worth it, I am enough, and that I deserve to dare to focus inside and ask myself – what do I truly want?  I have direct experience of how the physical and emotional body will sound the alarm when you are out of alignment with your authentic Self.  During the two years I worked at the non-profit, my shoulders and neck were wracked with tension, I felt high levels of anxiety that ranged from uneasiness in my guts and a cringe in my breastbone, to dry heaving every morning with dread for the day ahead at a job that made me miserable.  Little by little, the time I spent on the mat, every deep breath I took guided me to actually listen to my Spirit and to have the courage to set myself free.  Without another job lined up and 9 months of rent in the bank, I quit my non-profit job and allowed myself the space to just be and dream.

The dream of becoming a yoga teacher dawned on me right before sleep one night.  It was still there when I woke up in the morning, and the idea made butterflies rise up in my chest. I was on to something.  Each step along the way towards teacher training just clicked into place.  In April 2009 I completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training.  The deepening of my practice through this process transformed my body and mind, and Ana Forrest helped me to connect to my Warrior’s Heart, the wisdom and the power that I carry inside.  Everything solidified in the certainty that teaching yoga and being a healer was my life work.  Since then, I’ve completed the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training in 2010, The Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program in 2012.  Life is now filled with endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, and I am no longer frozen by fear.  It is my intention to continue walking a path which rebels against complacency and just getting by, and revels in the personal growth earned by challenging oneself to seek out your own Truth and live by it.